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Autism Support

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Recent reports suggest that autism affects 1:88 people. Autism is a complex experience that essentially affects the way a person communicates to people and relates to their environment. It affects children/adults on varying degress of severity, which is why it has been associated across a spectrum. Often children and adults with autism (ASD) will experience a range of additional difficulties in everyday life that may appear different to others. Some of these difficulties are manifested as social communication difficulties, anxiety, sensory difficulties, feelings of isolation and depression, limited attention span, anger/aggression, poor organisational skills, sleeping disturbance, and eating difficulties; as well as other issues. There is often an underlying theme of stress that both magnifies and comes from the autistic experience where the persons distressed experience can often be misinterpreted as something that is challenging.

Therapeutic services can make a difference at various stages in child to adolescent development; right through to adulthood. All of this can be discussed with you at your first appointment. Although autism (ASD) is a lifelong condition, research has found that early intervention as young as two years old can have an impact.

I consult on a number of stakeholder groups on this topic, in addition to having presented on this topic at several BACP conference's. I also have been recognised as an accredited therapist working with clients with autism (ASD) by the National Autistic Society, and have provided a range of therapeutic support to clients who are autistic all over the world. . (please see my links page).

What can I do as a professional when working with clients with Autism (ASD)?

As a Psychotherapist: I will support you in making changes in your life so that your emotional health and wellbeing is catered for while nurturing your inner most needs. I will use the most up to date therapeutic approaches, tailored to your individual needs. I will work closely with any sensory issues that you may have to ensure that your therapy is optimized so that you are able to get the most out of this service.