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Autism Support

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As a Behaviour Analyst: I will support clients and families to replace those difficult and distressed behaviours with more meaningful and functional behaviours. Any replacement of behaviours ensures that the individual's needs are met, which will integrate low stress arousal, sensory needs, and any attachment or traumatic wounds that may be impacting the pattern of behaviours, so that the integrity of the authentic self is further nurtured and maintained.

As a Clinical Supervisor: I will support therapists and/or other professionals in the therapeutic decisions in how to best support clients on the autistic spectrum using most up to date methods and taking neurological research into account. Together we will make sure that the client will receive the therapy that they have signed up for, where the therapist/professional can look past the autism to meet the person while not being overwhelmed by their lack of knowledge in this area.

As a Life Coach: I will help you identify and achieve personal goals in your home and/or work life including helping you to understand relationships better and supporting and managing your time better. This may include how to manage procrastination and channel the skill set that you already have to develop further skills so that you can reach your full potential.

As an Autism Consultant: I can offer bespoke training and consultancy services to small and large groups of professionals, teachers and/or parents/carers who work either with children, young people or adults who have autism. My wealth of experience and knowledge with autism along with my research experience match my lively and stimulating presentation style. My autistic clients as well as parents and professionals teach me something new every week that I am always bringing into my work so that it continues to be relevant. Please take a look at my videos for examples of this service.

I will be able to elaborate on which particular service you require at our first meet.

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