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Autism Support

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For children and younger people with Autism (ASD), these services may include
  • Meeting the autistic child/young person where they are and making connection with the individual on their terms.
  • Supporting the child/young person in managing their emotional health and wellbeing.
  • Supporting the child/young person and the family in learning how to become more able to be comfortable with difficulties around communication and social interaction.
  • To develop and monitor teaching programmes which are adaptable to the family lifestyles/systems and routines.
  • A functional approach to examining and effectively managing stress and distressed behaviours.
  • Develop, support implementation and monitor a home-based intervention programme with realistic goals/objectives that fit the child/young person and family lifestyle. This may include parent/guardian training where necessary.
  • Incorporating a holistic approach so that the child/young person does not feel like he/she is singled out.
  • Raising awareness and supporting the child/young person and the family learn more about all levels of Autism (ASD) including what was formerly known as Asperger's Syndrome.

I will always assess any individual needs outside any of the supports above, that are specific to the individual to determine if I can be of any support and be clear around what that may look like.