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Bridging the gap between the
client and the therapist, an
autistic perspective

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For more information about me and my credentials, you'll find this information by visiting the Homepage and About Me section of this website.

Results may lead to transforming how relational practices of therapy/counselling may be offered to clients in the future who also happen to be on the autistic spectrum or are autistic. If you would like more information regarding some of the suggested impacts this research may have, please follow the link where you will find the appropriate factsheet.

This study has received full ethical approval by Metanoia Institute in London, which is accredited by Middlesex University. For more information on this ethical approval, please follow the link where you will find how the study has received full ethical approval without conditions.

This research has also been endorsed by Research Autism.

The full title of this research is listed below:

Bridging the Gap between the Autistic, the Therapist and the Theoretical Perspective of Autism; An Intersubjective Analysis within a Co-Constructivist Grounded Theory.

For more detailed information regards the study for reference purpose only, please follow the link where you will find the appropriate factsheet.

If you would like to sign up immediately - by clicking on the sign up link, you will have access to the consent form to participate in this study. Please can you print this form out, complete it, and either email me or return by post at your convenience.

If you would like to enquire about participating or want further information, please contact me via the medium of your choice where I will be happy to answer any of your queries.