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Telehealth/Remote Therapy

Neurodiversity Consultancy

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When using phone Telehealth/Remote Therapy, I will contact you through a secure phone.

I am also available to work with any past client that requires some additional support during this time.

Please see a list of relevant training that I have completed either with or without certificates in regards to working ethically online using Telehealth/Remote Therapy with clients who are either adults, children or young people, as well as some specialised support for autistic individuals.

I will also be able to offer clinical supervision remotely either by telephone or online.

Telehealth/Remote Therapy by Counselling Rooms

I can offer specific Telehealth support for individuals who may not always be comfortable engaging remotely. One of these ways will be through a series of guided imagery, various ways of resourcing someone to feel more comfortable in their body, and also applying Holly Bridges ART technique as detailed in her training.