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The different types

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This is an approach to introspection. It is a natural ability where the client gets in touch with the "felt sense" of the problem and may learn to become aware and except the experience.

Guided Imagery

Any of various techniques (as a series of verbal suggestions) used to guide another person or oneself in imagining sensations and especially in visualising an image in the mind to bring about a desired physical response (as a reduction in stress, anxiety, pain or other issues).

Sandplay Therapy

The client is given the possibility, by means of figures and the arrangement of the sand in the area bounded by the sandbox; to set up a world corresponding to his or her inner state. In this manner, through free/creative play, unconscious processes may be made visible to the client in a three-dimensional form. Through a series of images that take shape in this way, the process of individuation described by C. G. Jung is stimulated and brought to consciousness.

Skilled Helper Model of Therapy by Egan

This is a problem focused structured form of therapy.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

This therapy promotes positive change rather than dwelling on past problems. Clients are encouraged to focus positively on what they do well and to set goals and work out how to achieve them. As few as three or four sessions may be beneficial.