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Bespoke Workshops

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Transitioning from Home to Primary School

Exploring a combination of social and sensory experiences that may assist the child in being able to deal with challenges of this transition. This includes looking at joint attention, symbolic play, working with rule guided acts, and some of the challenges of working memory.

Listening behind the Anger - learning how to see past frustration

Learn how to support your autistic child/young person or adult while coping with their anger and distressed behaviour.

Working Therapeutically while learning to Navigate the Autistic Sensory System

Since the DSMV, sensory difficulties are being acknowledged, and in this workshop, you will learn some of the complex sensory difficulties that many autistic people face, and how you may help alleviate some of their sensory pain.

The Visual way of Making Contact with the Person behind their Autism

Learn how to visually communicate to someone who is autistic.

Comic Strip Conversations and Social Stories

Practical teaching in how to build comic strip conversations and social stories efficiently and effectively.

Understanding Autism from the Inside Out

Explore what it is like to experience autism from an inside out approach, learning from the autist rather than the theory.