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Bespoke Workshops

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Managing my Anxiety and my Autism

Recognising anxiety and stress in autistic people and helping them relieve some of the anxiety.

Autism and Bereavement - the subtleties of the grieving experience

Exploring how to support some autistic people through bereavement and loss.

Autism and Girls - Bridging the gender gap

Autism is commonly associated with young boys, and services have often been developed based on how autism impacts boys, but girls can sometimes experience autism differently. Learn how you may begin to bridge this gender gap while being true to the individual’s needs.

One Size Does Not Fit All - Working Therapeutically with clients on the Autistic Spectrum

This is a general workshop combing all elements of all trainings available when working with an autistic client and how you may become more able to meet the individual and where they are in connecting into their world.

Understanding theories of Autism

This workshop explores the various theories combing neuroscience and most up to date research so that the therapist has a full understanding how to modify their therapeutic approach to fit the client's needs while adhering to best practice principles.

The ABC'S of Behavioural Support

What do I need to know from behaviour support that supports the autistic person within the system rather than changing them.