How much will my Counselling, Coaching, Therapy, or Supervision Cost?


Clinical Assessments

Assessment for counselling, coaching or therapy range from £120 -£150 depending on required service which will include 1.5 hours of an assessment along with the scoring of the specific questionnaires applied. Discounts may be applied reducing assessment to £105. More complex assessments required may involve a wraparound assessment and pricing would be discussed.

Wrap-around Assessments

These are more tailored to how various systems wrap-around the individual that create those relational dynamics which become reactionary responses to those systems within the individual and other members of the family, school, professionals etc. that support the individual. More details of how this occurs can be explored within the concept of Neurotransception.

Therapeutic sessions

Sessions of counselling and psychotherapy start at £70 per sessional hour depending on which service. Discounts may be applied with a minimum of £65 per sessional hour but must be agreed with the therapist from the beginning. Prices are subject to increase and will be discussed with you prior to any increase.

Neurodiversity Practicing

Costs bespoke to service required.

Professional and Life Coaching

Sessions of coaching range from £70 – £100 per sessional hour.

Clinical Supervision

Students rate begin at £65 per hour.

Qualified Professional rate begins at £75 per hour.


All cases may be explored at an individual basis where discounts may be provided at the discretion of the provider.

Additional Support

The following additional support will require pricing from

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