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Bespoke Workshops

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Ranging from 2.5 hours to 2 days, for small and large groups of professionals and/or carers/parents. Contact us for pricing.

An Introduction to Autism

A journey beginning with explaining autism briefly in the context of the autistic perspective and theoretical perspective leading to practical strategies based on these explanations that may be applied to further support your child/adolescent needs.

Behavioural Support Part 1: An Introduction to using Behaviour support: Beginning with the Basics

Briefly exploring theory and principles of behaviour support before going into practical ways how this therapy can be used to choose the most effective behavioural strategy tailored to your child/adolescents needs, so that the individual is at the centre of change.

Behavioural Support Part 2: A follow up to using Behaviour support: Advanced techniques

This workshop is a follow up from the introduction to behaviour support Part 1. It will specifically focus on how you can tailor these basic principles as well as develop more complex behavioural programmes that take into account your individual child/adolescent bespoke needs.

Behavioural Support Part 3: The basics behind Mind Training: The corner stone of Learning Language

This is behavioural training that looks at how to develop a child’s initial demands which is the corner stone of learning and using language.